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A clear way to achieve your dream smile

Transform your smile with discreet, comfortable and predictable ClearCorrect Aligners. If you have always wanted straighter teeth but are unsure how to achieve them, ClearCorrect Aligners could be the clear choice for you. The system uses easy to wear removable aligners to gradually move the positions of your teeth and change the appearance of your smile.

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Why choose ClearCorrect Aligners?

ClearCorrect Aligners can be used to successfully improve a wide range of orthodontic issues, from the mild to the more advanced. One of the huge benefits of the ClearCorrect system is that it is incredibly easy to use. Removable aligners mean you can eat and drink whatever you want without having an impact on your treatment, and brushing your teeth remains normal too. All you need to do is make sure your aligners are in your mouth for 22 hours per day to keep your new smile on track.

ClearCorrect Aligners work in a very similar way to other clear aligner systems, including Invisalign, but tend to be a more affordable option and produce amazing results. They are an increasingly popular and highly effective straightening treatment, performed regularly at Lewes High Street Dental.

What does the treatment for ClearCorrect Aligners involve?

The treatment process for ClearCorrect Aligners is similar to many other clear aligner systems. A series of different aligners are worn during treatment, gradually straightening your teeth.

During your initial consultation, we discuss the treatment and ensure you are a suitable candidate by examining your teeth. We encourage you to tell us about your ideal smile so we can help make that a reality.

We use advanced digital technology to take scans and images of your teeth, which are used to create your bespoke and comfortable aligners. Digital dentistry means your aligners will be highly accurate, with a snug fit so no one will know they are there.

The ClearCorrect system works over a series of clear aligners, worn in phases as determined in your treatment plan. Each set of aligners is worn for around three weeks, gradually moving the positions of your teeth using continuous gentle force. We see you for regular appointments to keep an eye on your treatment progress and give you your next aligners.

Your treatment is complete when you have worn your last aligners and your dream smile has been achieved. We give you a final retainer to maintain your results and leave you to show off your new smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ClearCorrect Aligners made of?

ClearCorrect Aligners are made from ClearQuartz™ tri-layer material, which has been specially formulated to retain shape and keep continuous force on the teeth while also remaining comfortable to wear. It is beautifully clear and resistant to stains, making it the perfect choice for the aesthetic treatment.

How is ClearCorrect different from Invisalign?

ClearCorrect Aligners and Invisalign are certainly similar teeth straightening systems, but they do have some differences. ClearCorrect aligners are slightly thinner, and are trimmed differently, fitting past your teeth and onto your gum rather than the scalloped trim of Invisalign. This can help give the aligner a more secure fit, but some patients prefer the look of Invisalign aligners. The ClearCorrect system is also usually more affordable than Invisalign.

How long does treatment take with ClearCorrect Aligners?

The length of your ClearCorrect treatment depends on your individual case, and how simple or complex the movements needed to achieve your dream outcome are. Most patients complete their treatment within 10-14 months, but this can vary. It is important to ensure you are wearing your aligners correctly, and for the right amount of time each day, to keep your treatment on track.

Do I need to wear my ClearCorrect Aligners overnight?

Yes, you will need to wear your ClearCorrect Aligners overnight so the gradual forces can remain at work on your teeth even while you sleep. For the best results, you need to wear your aligners for 22 hours per day, removing them only to eat, drink and brush your teeth.

Will other people notice my ClearCorrect Aligners?

ClearCorrect Aligners are designed to be thin and discreet, so they are virtually invisible when worn. Many other people will not have a clue you are having orthodontic treatment unless you tell them!

I’ve had braces before, am I still eligible for ClearCorrect Aligners?

YES! Many of our patients have had braces as a child or as an adult and are completely eligible for further straightening methods. ClearCorrect Aligners allow you to correct your misaligned teeth without the need to undergo fixed straightening treatment once more.

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