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A long lasting, strong and effective repair

Inlays (also known as indirect fillings) can be used to restore areas of decay or damage that are too extensive to be treated with a normal filling and can provide a less invasive, more affordable alternative to a crown. A long-lasting restorative solution, they are usually placed in teeth at the back of the mouth or can be used to repair large areas on the front teeth.

Why choose an inlay?

Unlike a filling, inlays are created outside the mouth from an impression taken of the tooth and then cemented within the cavity. They are capable of restoring more significant damage in your tooth. At Lewes High Street Dental, we use inlays made from gold and porcelain.

Gold inlays are incredibly strong and durable, able to easily withstand chewing forces and last a long time. They are mainly used to restore teeth at the back of the mouth, as they are much more visible than porcelain.

Porcelain inlays are tooth coloured, making them a popular choice with patients wanting a discreet and natural looking restoration. They are durable and long lasting and are used anywhere in the mouth.

What does the treatment involve?

We remove any areas of decay or old fillings and the tooth is cleaned. We take impressions of the cavity, which is used to create an inlay that will exactly match the area to be filled. We discuss the material your inlay will be made of, taking into account your preferences and clinical needs.

We fit a temporary restoration so the prepared cavity can be protected while your gold or porcelain inlay is being made.

When ready, we check your inlay for fit and comfort, before fixing it into place using strong dental adhesive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look after my inlay?

The best way to look after your inlay is to treat it the same way as you do your natural teeth. Make sure you brush and floss twice a day to maintain a good level of oral hygiene, and visit your dentist for your regular check up appointments.

How long will my inlay last?

If looked after properly, you can expect your inlay to last up to 15-20 years without issue. They are more durable than a standard filling. Gold inlays will typically last longer than porcelain, but both materials provide an effective restoration for many years.

Why do I need an inlay over a standard filling?

If the level of decay or damage in your tooth is deemed too large for a standard filling, we will use an inlay to provide a strong and effective restoration. An inlay is more affordable than a crown, still gives protection against further decay and restores shape, stability and function.

Will my inlay be noticeable in my mouth?

If you have a gold inlay, this will be noticeable when you speak or laugh. For this reason, gold inlays are typically used at the back of the mouth where this is less of an issue. If aesthetics are very important to you, porcelain inlays are an excellent option. Porcelain is tooth coloured, meaning the inlay blends seamlessly into your tooth and is not at all noticeable in your mouth.

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